About Us
Overall Mission
The mission of LHDC is to inspire and uplift kids in the community through dance.

Dance Facility
924 Garrett St SE
Atlanta, GA 30030


Dance attire will consist of leotard, tights, shorts and shoes. Additional attire when being outside of the studio will be an LHDC t-shirt and track suite. A bag with logo will also be provided. All items will be ordered and distributed by the third day of class.


The deposit is $100 due on the first day of class. This pays for all dance supplies and shoes.


Tuition depends on the childs age group (visit Tuition page for details). Payment will be required on the first Saturday of every month. Late payments will result in $30 fee every Saturday it is late.  This is not including competitions and accommodations, convention and costume fees.

Dancers are responsible for bringing ballet shoes, tap shoes, jazz shoes, and jazz sneakers which should be kept in dance bag. All supplies will be ordered and distributed to the class by the third class date.  A towel and bottled water at room temperature would also be great to keep in your bag.
The deposit you pay on the first day of class pays for all attire and supplies.

Dance Agenda

 Dancers will be exposed to Ballet, Tap, Lyrical, Jazz, Contemporary, and Hip Hop. Techniques included and are not limited to Leaps, turns, and dance sequences with combinations of leaps and turns (across the floor work).

Private Lessons
Private Lessons are available at the parent's requests and are scheduled when both the instructor and parent are available.

Future Endeavors

A full multi-purpose dance studio is in the works for a variety of classes for all levels and age groups. Stay tuned we are planning big things for the LHDC come January 2014!!

Holiday and event Calendars

A calendar will be given at the beginning of each month, or available online, letting you know when we have certain Saturdays off and events planned.